A Stylish Lunch Box Purse—and More Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

An exfoliating cleansing balm, actually-cute lunch boxes, and adjustable trousers.

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Modern Picnic

Spring is here and with it comes the urge to take advantage of all that this season of renewal has to offer. That might look like spending more time enjoying the weather outside, traveling, or, naturally, spring cleaning—and we've found a list of products to help you get it all done. A chic lunchbox that looks like a purse will help you pack your lunch in style for all those picnics in the park. A super soft hand pillow is perfect for cozy cat naps in the sun or anywhere. And an innovative cleansing balm and exfoliator will help you achieve that fresh-faced glow. Check out these clever items and more and get ready to make the most of this time of year.

Cleansing Balm

A truly unique 2-step treatment to revolutionize skin initialization. First with a sumptuous transformational cleansing balm that soothes and respects the skin barrier, for a superior cleansing experience. Followed by the ultimate exfoliating refiner to smooth and refine skin texture, as well as clarify. Amp up your skin routine for the ultimate efficacy.


As many dermatologists recommend, removing your makeup at the end of the day is an important step to keep skin clear and avoid pesky breakouts. Noble Panacea released a 2-step system that removes your makeup while also gently exfoliating—without stripping your skin of necessary oils. Using its patented Organic Super Molecular Vessel technology, the balm slowly releases powerful ingredients, depositing them when they’re most effective throughout the night. This ensures that you wake up with your best glow. 

Price at time of publish: $185

Lunch Box

A modern reinvention of the traditional lunchbox made of a premium vegan leather exterior with an insulated interior in a chic and classic silhouette.


We all want to look chic and professional at work, but it's hard when your lunchbox looks like it belongs in a middle school cafeteria. Modern Picnic has reinvented traditional lunchboxes and we’re forever grateful. Made of premium vegan leather, they come in a variety of colors and finishes, all with a fully insulated interior and classy purse-style design (including a removable crossbody strap). Now, you’ll be eager to show off your packed lunch at work.

Price at time of publish: $159

Hand Pillow

Mini makes it easy to relax whether you are commuting, at work, studying in the library, or just relaxing at home.


Some people can fall asleep anywhere, and some just…can’t. For those of us in the latter category, Ostrich Pillow is here to save the day with the Mini Handy Pillow. Cute and compact, it's made of super soft viscose and elastomer and filled with coated microbeads. And with its unique handheld design, you just slip it over your hand, forearm, or elbow—transforming your own body into a pillow—whenever you’re ready to drift off into dreamland. 

Price at time of publish: $35

Adjustable Trousers

Made with our newly introduced ponte knit fabric, the Larissa trouser is your perfect length offering 3 different inseam lengths and 2 rows of hidden snaps to adjust the length from heel, to ankle and full crop! With an elastic waistband, these form fitting pants offer a slim fit that really holds you in. Fully functional pockets in both the front and back will fit your iPhone, making the Larissa our go to trouser choice for everyday use!


Finding a pair of pants with the perfect fit and length is a struggle on it's own—and finding pants that can work just as well with heels as with sneakers is even more challenging. Cotidie’s Larissa Perfect Length Trousers solves all of these quandaries. With three different inseam lengths and two rows of hidden snaps, you can easily alter the length to be long enough to wear with heels, rest at the ankle and function as a full crop. Made from Ponte knit fabric with an elastic waistband, fully functional pockets in both the front and back, and available in three different colors, these trousers are sure to become your new fav. 

Price at time of publish: $135

Travel Bottles

The FlatPak toiletry bottle is an ultralight, space-saving bottle designed for efficient travel with shampoo, soaps, lotions, and more.


Squeezing your favorite shampoo and conditioner into a travel bottle can be messy, and trying to pack those bottles into your bag can be bulky and complicated. Matador's FlatPak Toiletry Bottles make things a lot easier. They're ultralight, made from Waterproof 30D Cordura® ripstop nylon, and save a ton of space—they’re basically flat even when full. The wide mouth opening makes them easy to fill and the flat design makes them easy to store. Plus, they’re TSA-approved, perfect for your next travel adventure.

Price at time of publish: $38

Oven Cleaner

Easy-Off Professional Fume Free Max Oven cleanr cleans tough baked-on grease & food spills with no fumes. The advanced cold-oven technology penetrates tough oven grease and effectively cleans with no lye or harsh fumes. This oven cleanr is great for everyday spot cleaning, so no need for protective gloves. Use on ovens, broilers and barbecue grills. Available in a great lemon scent.


Keeping your oven clean is a hassle. It involves a lot of bent-over scrubbing and headaches over burnt-on mess. Easy-Off’s Professional Fume-Free Max Oven Cleaner makes the cleaning process much less exhausting. It's an everyday cleaner that easily cuts through tough oven grease and food spills without lye or harsh fumes. Simply spray it on, wait a while, and wipe away. For truly baked-on bits, leave the cleaner on overnight and wipe the mess away in the morning. It also works on broilers and barbecue grills, so you’ll be ready to tackle anything.

Price at time of publish: $19

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