8 Best Bob Haircuts to Try, According to Stylists

Stylists break down the most popular types of bobs.

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Chances are, you've rocked a bob haircut at one point in your life (hopefully it wasn't a traumatic bowl version). Not only are bobs always in style, a shorter cut is easy to maintain and can be worn in numerous ways. While most people associate a bob as a catch-all term for hair that is cut anywhere above the shoulders, the truth is that it's no longer a one-size-fits-all hairstyle. Whether you're fond of layers or a clean, straight look, there are many different ways to cut and style a bob to achieve totally different effects. We tapped some of the industry's top hairstylists to break down the most popular bob haircut styles.

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Classic Bob

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Starting with the basics, you can't go wrong with a classic bob haircut. "The classic bob is usually cut sharp at chin length," says Frédéric Fekkai and hairstylist and founder of FEKKAI. "Because of the absence of layers, the hair moves in one block, which makes it look chic and shiny."

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Layered Bob

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If you're scared of a blunt line and want to keep some movement, ask your stylist to incorporate layers. According to Suzi Abadjian, owner of Chita Beauty, these can be personalized to complement your face shape. "I love to elevate the layers in the back and keep the front long to slim and contour the face shape. Adding a fringe in the front is also a nice option to style the traditional layered bob haircut," she says.

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Shattered Bob


This innovative look involves 'shattering' the ends of your hair to create a choppy, textured finish. "Anh Co Tran made this haircut have legs, and boy did it run," says Dani Everson, hairstylist and owner of Clementine's Salon. "It's your traditional bob with internal layers to make it have movement and sway." However, keep in mind that while cutting the style is pretty straightforward, it does require some styling to maintain the textured look.

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Shoulder Bob

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If you have fine or thin hair (or just want to leave a little more length to your hair), you might want to consider a shoulder-length bob. "Hair cut right at the shoulders can create the illusion of density, especially when it's cut with no layers and kept all one length," says Rena Calhoun, celebrity hairstylist and Virtue ambassador.

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Straight Above-the-Shoulder Bob

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"Instead of the shaggy version we've seen in bobs of the past, bobs in 2022 are all about a clean, straight line above the shoulder," says L'Oréal Professionnel Global Ambassador Min Kim. Blunt cuts make your hair appear fuller, so it's great if you're trying to achieve more volume. Keep in mind that to maintain the shape of this bob, you'll likely need trims every six to eight weeks.

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Asymmetrical Bob

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Unlike a classic bob that is cut at one length, a short asymmetrical bob is cut with an uneven perimeter. One side has longer strands that don't go past the shoulders, but don't think that it has to look too edgy. A slightly jagged cut and flattering layers can easily give off a glamorous but natural vibe.

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A more radical cut, a microbob is a style in which the tips just reach the chin in the front and the nape of the neck in the back. The silhouette is ideal if you're looking to emphasize facial contours. Plus, it can be worn with any hair type and is low-maintenance to style—just add a little mousse at the roots if you want to add volume.

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Textured Bob

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Bobs aren't restricted to straight hair—curly and textured hair makes for an equally beautiful look. "Bobs are perfect for your hair if it happens to be thick and wavy," says Michelle Sultan, celebrity hairstylist and Imbue brand ambassador. "The bob looks super clean, but the texture adds fullness so it doesn't sit flat on your head."

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