This Waterproof Pouch Set Is My Trick to Maintaining a Dry Phone on Vacation—and It’s 38% Off

Get the two-pack set while it’s on sale for only $10.

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 Hiearcool Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch

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Lounging by the pool, on beach trips, or while boating are all activities that are about to make a comeback with the start of summer. When spending time outdoors, electronics are not always necessary but can elevate the experience. For example, the best waterproof speakers bring the party pool or beachside. But when it comes to our smartphones and water, it’s a different story—they don’t mix. However, the Hiearcool Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch Two-Pack protects your phone from water damage and allows you to use it worry-free. Just in time for summer, the waterproof pouches are on sale for 38 percent off.

The universal rectangular phone pouches are compatible with iPhones, Samsungs, Google phones, and more. While we’re attached to our smartphones and want them around, we also want them to stay dry. So taking your phone to the beach or pool can be a gamble in keeping it safe if there’s no waterproofing.

Hiearcool Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch


To buy: $10 (was $16);

The pouches are 7.2 inches long, making them a great size for all sorts of smartphones. Slide your phone through the latched top and lock it into place and your phone is ready for a day on the water. With an adjustable lanyard, it’s easy to keep track of your phone—simply wear it around your neck or wrap the lanyard around your wrist. 

Made of clear polyvinyl chloride, the phone pouch keeps water out, but allows you to use your phone even while on the water. I purchased the two-pack set last summer for a friend’s river trip. As the host, I needed my phone to secure our tickets and transportation to and from the river. Wearing the lanyard as a necklace, my phone stayed secure in the pouch—even through rapids. Thanks to the waterproof necklace I was the only one with my phone while tubing, thus I also became the de facto photographer and took lots of pictures on the water. 

While the photos I took were above water, you can also safely take pictures underwater—just make sure to unlock your phone and have the camera open before as the touch ID does not work in water. Keep your phone safe up to 100 feet underwater and snap photos while snorkeling, surfing, or swimming.

The waterproof pouches have earned more than 56,300 five-star ratings and are great for all sorts of outdoor activities. One five-star reviewer took the pouches on a trip to Puerto Rico where they “slid down naturally-made waterslides, plunged into the water, cliff dove into the water, swam in the rivers, snorkeled” and “never had an issue.” The reviewer was able to take pictures and videos without any leaks.

Keep your phone safe while swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and more this summer with the Hiearcool Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch Two-Pack on sale for 38 percent off on Amazon.

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