7 Expert Tips For Finally Organizing Your Pots and Pans

No more clanging and chaos every time you want to fry an egg.

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Ah, the monumental task of organizing your kitchen pots and pans. It’s the chore you’ve been putting off for—checks watch—way too long, but the time has finally arrived. The process can feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re unsure where to start or what organizational products you need. We’ve got you covered on both, so carve away some time this weekend and get ready to feel pure bliss instead of dread every time you open those kitchen cabinets. 

Edit What You Currently Own 

Parting with pots and pans can feel almost sinful, but taking time to go through everything you own is an essential part of the organization process.

“I once owned four cast iron pans and six casserole dishes—it wasn't necessary,” professional organizer Jill Koch says. “It's good to have a few different sizes, but for general day-to-day cooking you probably only need a good standard set of pans, a couple pot sizes, and a few baking dishes.”

To help whittle your inventory, consider getting rid of the following: 

  • Items you haven’t used in a year (If it has sentimental value or is holiday-themed but isn’t used regularly, store it elsewhere.)
  • Damaged items that are beyond repair
  • Duplicates (Even if they’re not exactly identical items, get rid of anything that serves the same cooking purpose.)

Eliminating excess will make organizing your remaining pots and pans far easier. 

Opt For Multi-Use Pots and Pans 

Another way to minimize clutter is to keep pots and pans on hand that serve multiple purposes. “This is important for smaller spaces and in general to keep the kitchen clutter at bay,” notes Jane Stoller, an organizing expert and author of Decluttering for Dummies.

For example, a medium to large dutch oven (this Le Creuset option will last several lifetimes) can be utilized for everything from roasts to soups to pasta dishes. Stoller also recommends the Our Place Home Cook Duo, which aims to replace 16 pieces of traditional cookware. The Kilne Everything Pan is another great option that, true to its name, comes to the rescue in many different cooking scenarios.

Avoid Overcrowding Your Space 

This organization tip goes hand in hand with the two above and is worth calling out for the mere fact that we’re all so guilty of it. “So often, we stack all the pots and pans and fill cabinets or drawers front to back with them,” says Koch. “This not only makes it hard to see what we have, but then we have to constantly move something out of the way or unstack items to get to what we need.” Instead, organize so you can easily see and get to everything.  

Designate a Home for Your Lids

Pot and pan lids can be elusive. They get in the way and aren’t always used, but when you do need them they’re either difficult to access or you can’t find them at all.

“The most common mistake I see when organizing pots and pans is that the lids are often forgotten or not considered,” says Morgan Ovens, a professional home organizer and founder of Haven Home. “Oftentimes they’re thrown in a drawer without any kind of organization or system to keep them in place.”

Once a designated home is established, though, your cabinets and drawers will look so much better and you’ll spare yourself the frustration of not being able to find what you’re looking for. but this will also save you time and frustration by having everything you need right at your fingertips. 

Consider these storage solutions for lids: 

Bamboo Pot Lid Organizer

bamboo pot lid organizing rack


Price at time of publish: $7

Metal Pot Lid Organizer

metal pot lid organizer


Price at time of publish: $11

Pull-Out Lid Organizer

Pull-Out Lid Organizer


Price at time of publish: $20

Over-the-Door Pot Lid Organizer

Over the door pot lid organizerr


Price at time of publish: $15

Make Use of All Your Kitchen Space 

Take an assessment of your kitchen and determine whether you can make use of space in unexpected areas, like walls, high ceilings, and open floor space.

“When there is limited cabinet storage or a need for additional storage, the vertical space is often overlooked,” professional home organizer Marcia Sloman says. “A pegboard installed on a wall can hold everyday essentials such as saucepans, skillets, and utensils—like in Julia Child’s kitchen.”

In addition to the trusty pegboard method, Sloman suggests making use of high ceilings with overhead hanging racks, or utilizing the space between cabinets and countertops. If space allows, you can even add a kitchen cart for additional pots, pans, bowls, and cookware. With the right product, this can even give you additional countertop space.

Take Advantage of the Full Cabinet 

Along with utilizing the extra space you have in your kitchen, make sure to take advantage of every inch of your cabinets. This includes awkward corners, the vertical space, length, and cabinet doors.

Here are some tools that can help: 

Cabinet Pan Organizer Shelf

pan organizer shelf


Price at time of publish: $17

Stacking pans is a great way to make use of vertical space—but doing so without an organizer to neatly divide them just leads to chaos. This pan organizer shelf is simple but effective.

Pots and Pans Cabinet Organizer

pots and pans organizer


Price at time of publish: $19

Like the pan organizer above, this shelf goes a step further, providing a space for larger pots alongside pans.

Pull-Out Cabinet Shelves

pull out cabinet shelves


Price at time of publish: $142

Pullout shelving can be a real kitchen organization game changer, especially if you have cavernous cabinets. Sloman recommends products from Rev-A-Shelf, which you can DIY or hire a handyperson to install. 

Expandable Cookware Rack

adjustable rack filled with pots and pans


Price at time of publish: $35

Ovens says one of her favorite products is the Youcopia Expandable Cookware Rack because it’s expandable and can accommodate your needs, shrinking or growing for whatever space you have. 

Blind Corner Cabinet Organizer

corner cabinet organizer in kitchen


Price at time of publish: $464

Empty corners might feel impossible to utilize, but it can be done. Rev-A-Shelf’s Right-Handed Blind Corner Cabinet Organizer is a great option for that hard-to-reach cabinet space, or you can opt for something simpler like The Container Store’s Single Chrome Corner Shelf.

Curate Your Space To Your Needs 

It can be rather helpful to take inspiration from hyper-organized spaces you see online, but know that every kitchen will look different. The ultimate goal is to create a highly functional space that works for you, not against you. “When our spaces are tailored to meet our needs now, they can support us in ways that we didn't know were possible which is beneficial for our mental health as well as our overall happiness,” Ovens says. So, that’s your cue to organize your pots and pans (as well as the rest of your home) in harmony with your daily life and needs.

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