This Is Why Trader Joe’s Doesn’t Offer Delivery

Grab your reusable tote—we’re going to Trader Joe’s.


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In today’s world, you can get just about anything delivered to your doorstep—from ice cream and paper towels, to medicine and makeup—you never have to leave your house. But as more convenient courier services pop up, there’s one brand that isn’t giving in to the trend. Trader Joe’s.

Trader Joe’s delivery is a distant dream that may never become a reality. There’s no doubt that many of us would pay a premium to have cookie butter and cauliflower gnocchi dropped off at our front door, but let’s not hold our breath, because it’s not happening any time soon *wipes tears*. The truth is, these types of services are costly, require years of planning, and can drastically change a business (and not always for the better).

Trader Joe’s Vice President of Marketing, Matt Sloan, mentioned in a company podcast in 2020 that “creating an online shopping system for curbside pickup, or the infrastructure for delivery, is a massive undertaking. It’s something that takes months or years to plan, build, and implement, and it requires tremendous resources.”

There are many additional factors that explain why TJ's isn’t evolving the way most other grocery stores have, and it makes perfect sense. For one, shopping at TJ's is always an experience. Sure, the store is usually packed with shoppers, but the nautical theme, limited-edition products, and friendly staff are what make each trip enjoyable and exciting.

The other major reason why Trader Joe's delivery isn’t feasible is because it could impact product prices and staff compensation. Back in 2019, Trader Joe’s tried offering delivery services from their stores in New York City, and the juice simply wasn’t worth the squeeze. “Instead of passing along unsustainable cost increases to our customers, removing delivery will allow us to continue offering outstanding values … and to make better use of valuable space in our stores,” said a TJ's spokesperson at the time.

And if you thought you can use Instacart, DoorDash, or a similar delivery platform to secure some Mandarin Orange Chicken or indulge a chocolate craving, think again. Currently, Trader Joe's isn't available on either of those platforms, and is also conspicuously absent from Postmates and Uber Eats, though you can order some nonperishable TJ's items on Amazon.

So, while Trader Joe’s delivery sounds divine in theory, it would actually force the beloved brand to shed what makes it special, and to conform to what every other business is doing. As the saying goes: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

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