I’ve Saved So Much on Groceries Thanks to This Handy Food Storage Set—and It’s 20% Off

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W&P Fridge Organizer Tout

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Admittedly, I have a takeout problem. I enjoy home-cooked meals, but meal-planning takes the excitement out of my dinner for me and I’m a wee bit of a workaholic. Therefore, I end up tinkering far into the evening before I realize I’m ravenous, unwilling and unable to whip something up for myself. I don’t think I’ve taken my actual lunch break in weeks. But as I’m living in a small town for the winter—and am subject to the jaw-dropping ski resort prices splashed everywhere for tourists—I’ve had to rely mainly on cooking at home in order to not blow through my budget in a manner of days. Enter: the W&P Porter 8-Piece Fridge Bundle.

W&P has been on my radar for a long time. My sister and I have crushed on this Instagram-favorite food and drinkware brand for years. While we lusted over the premium materials, clever storage options, and gorgeous assortment of colorways, I wasn’t sure I’d get enough use out of it. When I first became a professional product reviewer, my sister actually texted me to ask if I could try to review W&P—a wish ultimately granted by the brand. 

Porter 8-Piece Fridge Bundle


To buy: $135 (was $165); wandp.com.

My main problem—aside from my finger hovering over a delivery app option—was fridge space. In my post-graduate years, I’ve never had enough, subject to crammed roommate situations and tiny city apartments. My current storage is the worst of it: I’m living with a host family who gives me roughly half a shelf on which to fit all my groceries. Because it’s (unfortunately) a small amount, I have to be strategic about stuffing all my meals for the week in the most effective way. Because of my cramming, I found myself squishing too much food into a small space, losing track of expiration dates, and having to throw too much away. Ultimately, decanting my groceries into easily stackable and arrangeable containers went a long way in optimizing my storage. This handy fridge bundle probably saved me the equivalent amount just in fresh groceries.

W&P specializes in leakproof, portable designs that are both microwave- and dishwasher-safe, available in both glass and ceramic options. The Porter 8-Piece Fridge Bundle that I received as a sample comes with a bowl, wide mouth bottle, glass, 16-ounce seal-tight bowl, 24-ounce seal-tight bowl, snack bag, sandwich bag, and large standup bag. All together, I was able to fit most of the odds and ends from my grocery list into these organizers and find them way more easily—and could grab-and-go with my leftovers the next day. I also loved that W&P’s reusable plastic bags kept me from using disposable ones, a habit that I’ll take with me. The set comes in mint, charcoal, pink, cream, and slate gray. (I personally love the pink; it brightens my days!)

Porter Seal Tight Glass Bowl


To buy: $25; wandp.com.

The materials and construction feel luxurious, an elevated take on the Tupperwares of my youth. Since I love shopping with my morals, I appreciate the brand’s passion for eliminating waste. I treasure this set more than I have other food storage solutions, so W&P might be onto something by appealing to my sense of aesthetic: these upscale bowls, bags, mugs, and more actually make me excited to meal prep.

While I tried the Porter 8-Piece Fridge Bundle for my no-space needs, W&P’s entire line of eco-friendly kitchenware is gorgeous, including re-usable storage bags, seal-tight bowls, ice trays, mugs, and more. The brand helpfully bundles products into solutions tailored to commuting, pantry organization, and more to help shoppers save. If I’m headed out for the day, I’ll grab the 24-ounce Porter Bowl, which comes with a convenient silicone wrap-around belt to keep anything from spilling in my bag (although the brand also offers lunch boxes as well.)

Porter Lunch Box


To buy: $25; wandp.com.

Head to W&P to snag these attractive and sustainable kitchenware options in your favorite colorways before they’re gone. Oh, and if you plan to build your collection like I do after loving the Porter 8-Piece Fridge Bundle—it’s all stackable. You’re welcome.

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